The Fido Pro Airlift (patent pending) is a highly functional, easy to use, hammock-style backpack that a single person can use to rescue their canine friend in an emergency. The Airlift is lightweight and packable, specifically designed to live in the bottom of your backpack alongside your personal emergency gear. No matter the season or the sport, the Fido Pro Airlift provides you peace of mind as you venture into the wild, knowing that you have a reliable method for saving your companion. We believe that anyone taking their dog into the backcountry bears the responsibility of caring for and being able to rescue their companion.  The Fido Pro Airlift is recommended and used by the National Association For Search And Rescue.

Having the confidence to safely and effectively immobilize your dog, and extract them from a remote location to seek medical attention is invaluable. The care and attention to canine anatomy is evident in the [ Airlift’s ] design, and the convenience is obvious in the weight of the product.
— Dr. Ben Mackin, Veterinarian, Carbondale Animal Hospital

airlift details & features

Airlift Hands Free

AIRLIFT Exterior

The Fido Pro Airlift (patent pending) is a lightweight, affordable, hammock-style rescue device that packs into a compact stuff sack, about the size of a burrito and weighing approximately 8 oz. The Airlift's patented design and its, eight-point-of-contact system, distributes the dog's weight evenly amongst the frame, providing a comfortable ride for the injured animal and an easy carry for the person. 


Like all Fido Pro designs, the Airlift (patent pending) was designed and constructed with the dog's anatomy in mind. The body of the Airlift is made from a 200 denier nylon packcloth and is tapered- wider in the front or chest area of the dog and narrower in the back or hindquarters. The leg holes are also anatomically correct, smaller for front legs and larger/wider for rear haunch.

Easy-to-use labels

We've designed the Airlift (patent pending) to be easy to put on and adjust with the front leg holes specifically labeled. The interior of the Airlift is also marked. We understand from firsthand experience that there is a great deal of stress that accompanies rescuing your injured companion; we have built the Airlift with ease of use in mind.

webbing frame

The Airlift-Suspension System (patent pending) is constructed of high strength 1” webbing and quick release buckles. The eight points of webbing contact create a suspension system for the dog and are also reinforced with durable 1" box-stitching. The Airlifts’ eight-point-of-contact suspension system is a key component and is what allows the dogs weight to be distributed evenly across the length of the body.

shoulder & chest straps

The shoulder strap design and its eight-points of contact provide additional weight distribution and secure fit across the shoulders. We have also included a chest strap and pull-down hand loops in order to custom fit the shoulder straps allowing for a wide range of body sizes to carry the Airlift (patent pending).


product specs

Dimensions: See image. In stuff sack: 7" x 4" 

Product Weight: Approximately 8 oz

Weight Capacity: The patent pending Airlift is designed to carry a wide range of dogs from 30-90 lbs. We are currently designing an Airlift M and Airlift XL for your more robust trail-buddy. The Airlift is designed with an, eight-point-of-contact suspension system. This system narrows the shoulder straps to fit a wide-range of human body types and also distributes the weight of the dog very evenly across the entire length of the carry system. These eight-points-of-contact prevent the dog from folding over on itself as it does when suspended by only two points of contact on either side. This provides a very comfortable ride for the dog and the person.

Fido Pro Airlift CAD

*The Fido Pro Airlift is designed to be used in emergency situations only. We have taken every measure to ensure that your dog will ride comfortably in the Airlift, although it is possible that your dog may sustain chaffing or rubbing in points of contact. If you are carrying the animal for a long period of time, check periodically for "hot spots" and add gauze or padding if needed. Fido Pro is not responsible for any misuse of or injury sustained while using any of its products.


New Airlift Sizes

Fido Pro is expanding our product line for small/medium dogs and extra-large dogs:

Airlift - Medium: 20 to 45 lbs.
Airlift Original: 45 - 85 lbs.
Airlift XL: 85 to 150 lbs.

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