OUR mission

At Fido Pro, our mission is to design and build high-quality, technical, backcountry protective and rescue gear for the true adventure canine. 

After Remi's close call in the backcountry, Paul realized that if he was going to continue to take his companion with him on backcountry adventures he would need to become responsible for and capable of rescuing her on his own. He began to seek out a product that would allow a single person to rescue their sick or injured dog from the wilderness, yet he was surprised to find no such device available. What Paul did find, however, were countless news articles on injured or stranded dogs in the backcountry. Realizing that he was not the only human in need of backcountry gear for his dog, the gears in his mind began to turn. And thus, Fido Pro was born.

The Story behind our name

FIDO - ancient dog name, from the Latin word "fidus", meaning faithful. PRO - a double entendre, short for protection and professional.

You’ve most likely heard “Fido” used as a common reference to a dog's name. But do you know the true story behind the original Fido? 

Fido was an Italian street dog, whose relationship with a factory worker during WWII, became a famous example of the unconditional love shown by man’s best friend. The pair first met in 1941 when the man, on his way home from work, discovered the dog injured and alone in a ditch. The man took the dog home, nursed him back to health and named him Fido. Every morning thereafter Fido would follow his human companion to the bus stop, where the man would board the bus to go to work. Every evening Fido would return to the bus stop, anxiously awaiting the return of his beloved human. After two years of this unwavering devotion, they unknowingly walked to the bus together for the last time. The man was killed later that day, when the factory he worked at was hit by allied bombardment. That afternoon when Fido made his usual trip to meet his human, he never got off the bus. Yet for the next 14 years, Fido returned every day (over 5,000 times!) in hopes that the man would get off of the bus once more, until the day of Fido's death. Fido’s extraordinary faithfulness and love for his companion quickly garnered the attention of the public. He was awarded a medal by the town, his story was published in countless newspapers around the world and while Fido was still living, a statue was erected in his honor.

At Fido Pro, the unconditional love and devotion our canine companions have for us is ultimately what motivates us. We believe in honoring our faithful companions by designing products built to protect them from harm or rescue them in an emergency.