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Fido Pro airlift

PATENT PENDING. A lightweight (8 oz with stuff sack), packable, dog rescue device meant to be carried with you anytime you and your dog are going to be more than a few miles from the trailhead. The Airlift is to be carried either in your backpack, or your dog's, along with your own emergency kit.  The Airlift is a highly functional, easy-to-use, hammock style backpack that a single person can use to rescue their canine companion should they become sick or injured and unable to get out of the backcountry on their own. 

The Fido Pro Airlift (patent pending) provides you peace of mind and a method of saving your companion. Just as you have your emergency kit, your dog should have theirs.

We are continuing to design new and innovative products. Upcoming designs will include canine safety products that will help to prevent injury as well as those to assist in rescuing your injured dog from the backcountry.