Canine Search and Rescue

The Airlift is the ideal emergency dog carrying Harness for Search and Rescue

The idea for the Fido Pro Airlift was born from a tragic accident when our dog Remi was injured on a skiing trip, requiring us to self-rescue her from the backcountry of Colorado. Although it was a stressful and difficult rescue, our story ended well but could have turned out far worse.

Rescuing Injured and immobile dogs

Every year there are countless news stories of sick or injured dogs that need to be rescued from the backcountry. In many cases, the dog’s owner is either alone or with one other person. Without the proper equipment, it can be very difficult to carry a medium-to-large dog to safety if the dog is unable to walk on their own.

Most Search and Rescue teams are equipped and trained to handle emergencies that require rescuing a canine companion from the backcountry, wilderness, or mountains. However, as minor as these missions may seem, SAR teams we have spoken with all expressed their concern with sending their team on a dog rescue mission because of the risk they will face. Some feel putting their team members at risk to rescue an animal is not their responsibility.

In addition, it is not uncommon for a search and rescue mission to commence when an overdue hiker is reported only to discover that it is an injured canine companion that has caused the hiker to run late. If the dog is immobile, and the SAR team do not have the proper equipment to extract the dog, a member of the SAR team will need to retrieve a device to assist, extending the time it takes to perform the rescue and adding additional risk to the mission.

A dog rescue harness for consumers and search and rescue

The Airlift is an emergency dog carrying backpack that has been designed for the outdoor enthusiast who takes their dog with them on adventures that are more than one mile from a trailhead. We are also very focused on making this necessary piece of rescue equipment become a part of the standard rescue kit for all Search and Rescue personnel and dog handlers. The Fido Pro Airlift weighs just over 8 oz and fits into a small stuff sack, which makes it simple to pack on every mission regardless if there is an injured or immobile dog is reported.

We are committed to ensuring that no one else has to go through the same emergency we faced with our dog Remi, which is why we want to see the Fido Pro Airlift as a necessary piece of equipment for all Search and Rescue teams. Fido Pro offers a discount for bulk purchases for all qualifying search and rescue teams, dog handlers, and search and rescue personnel. Please email us with your SAR details and we will provide you our discounted scale pricing for multiple Airlifts.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your service.