"Practicing as a small animal veterinarian in the Roaring Fork Valley for almost 15 years, I have seen a wide variety of ‘adventure’ related injuries in the athletic dogs that live and recreate in the mountains.  Hiking, backpacking, backcountry skiing, and fishing can draw even the most casual of adventurers and our canine companions into the depths of the wilderness. At our small mountain town practice, we regularly see such injuries as torn ACLs, lacerations, heat stroke, fractures from falls, wounds from wildlife encounters, and just about anything else you can imagine. These conditions are serious enough if they happen in the backyard or at the dog park, but more commonly they happen far from home. I can’t possibly express how many times I’ve heard the harrowing tale of carrying a large dog down from the summit of a mountain, trudging with an injured pet through a slot canyon, up a river, or post-holing out of the backcountry while carrying a scared, hurt dog. 

Paul’s product allows the outdoor enthusiast to take their four-legged sidekick on all the adventures they love. Having the confidence to safely and effectively immobilize your dog, and extract them from a remote location to seek medical attention is invaluable. The care and attention to canine anatomy is evident in the design, and the convenience is obvious in the weight of the product. Fido Pro provides a peace of mind that every dog-lover and wanderer shouldn’t leave home without."


Benjamin G. Mackin, DVM

Carbondale Animal Hospital

Carbondale, Colorado