Airlift Step 1

step 1

To begin, open the stuff sack and pull the Airlift out. You will want to open the Airlift flat on the ground, interior facing up, webbing frame facing the ground. You will notice the Airlift is tapered to fit the dogs anatomy, narrower in back, wider in front (chest cavity). Notice the tag marking, “inside, front legs”. Guide your dog's paws into the correct front and back leg openings. Once situated, raise the Airlift off the ground securely around your dog's body. Buckle the shoulder strap buckles, creating a comfortable hammock around your dog.

Airlift Step 2

step 2

With your dog still situated in the Airlift, we suggest lowering to your knees to put on the shoulder straps. These straps work just like traditional backpack straps. Your dog should now be standing in the Airlift.


step 3

Once the shoulder straps are around your shoulders, place your hands in the hand-loops and adjust the straps, slowly begin to stand as you begin to support the full weight of your dog. NOTE: the shoulder straps might slip when you begin to stand, keep your hands in the hand-loops and pull straight down and hold until the quick release buckles gain purchase in the webbing. Your dog should be calm and comfortable, resting near the small of your back. 

Airlift Step 3
Man With Airlift

step 4

Once standing, you are supporting the full weight of your dog, who is securely and comfortably situated in the Airlift. Adjust the shoulder straps by using the pull-down-hand-loops and buckle the chest strap to firmly secure your precious load. Once on, the Airlift is completely hands-free allowing you to use ski/hiking poles or to wear your backpack on your frontside. If the situation calls for or if it is more comfortable, the Airlift can also be worn on your front side and your backpack on your back. The Airlift is designed to be used by both men and women of all body types.